Our History

The NTC Group was founded on 1st July 2008. The Group is comprised of NTC Consultants Company Limited and NTC International Company Limited. The former is exclusively in charge of the market in Japan.

NTC International Company Limited was established when the international divisions of two consulting firms, Taiyo Consultants Company Limited and Nichigi Crown Incorporate were merged as one.

The group is relatively young but it has its roots dating back to the late sixties; the Japanese economy was expanding and rural development in Japan was a high priority.

Taiyo Consultants Company Limited, with its headquarters in Tokyo was established in 1969 as a consulting firm specialising in rural civil-engineering design. Many of their projects involved agricultural infrastructure development, rural environment and regional planning.

Nichigi Crown Incorporate, based in Nagoya, another civil engineering consulting firm, was better known as water resources management planners. It was itself the fruit of the alliance between Nippon Giken Incorporate and Crown Engineering Incorporate in July 2005.

The origins of Nippon Giken Incorporate date back to November 1973 when the founders of Nippon Geological Research Institute (founded in 1968) decided to change its name. This consulting firm mainly focused on projects relating to development and management of water resources.

Crown Engineering Incorporate was established in May 1974. This company was originally known as Sanshin Water Supply Design Office, founded in July 1964, and then as Sanshin Design Office Company Limited in October 1966. In short, this company was known as for its know-how in simulation analysis and technology of agricultural water use.

In short, Networking through Technology and Trust at an International Level is what NTC International Company Limited stands for. With more than five decades of experience in Japan and in the world, we strive to continue to use our expertise in the development of agriculture, rural development and all other related fields, as responsible planners.