Message from the President


"Our vision of achieving sustainable development through technology and appropriate technical competency is as important as our priority of building long-term working relationships based on trust.”

The world has undergone unprecedented changes in the past decades facing global challenges, including global warming, natural disasters, terrorism and land conflicts. The population in the world has not ceased to increase day by day and its natural resources are getting scarce due to poor management.

Given such a context, we believe that community and rural development is a vital tool to ensure sustainable development. Needless to say, agriculture is and will remain a major interest. However, promoting agriculture without depleting resources for the future generations is a complex and delicate issue. Rural development also implies innovations and improvements in physical and social structures, entrepreneurship and other aspects, which widen and enrich the rural life. Unlike urban areas, which are mostly similar and more or less globalized, rural areas differ from one another, even in the same country.

Well aware of all the complexities of rural development in the world, our company aims to and always will, propose durable concepts and development plan solutions, reducing regional disparities and conflicts, making sure that no one is left behind.

We have a strong policy of implementing a ‘proximity approach’ allowing us to tailor-design project solutions adaptable to all concerned parties in our projects; we take time to listen and understand the problems before jumping to conclusions.

With great alacrity and innovative ideas, we will continue in our commitment to achieving sustainable development in order to tackle the various challenges in the world.

NTC International Co., Ltd
Taku Mori